From digital oscilloscopes and a subsonic wind tunnel to robotics, universal test machines, and a strong floor to test large structures, Lafayette’s facilities are superb and are provided exclusively to support undergraduate engineering education.

Students use the laboratories as part of their course work from day one. They can also work in Lafayette’s well-equipped laboratories as part of a student-faculty research team, or independent study research projects. Facilities and software are constantly upgraded. Students learn with the same equipment and state-of-the-art software used by practicing engineers in major industries.

A special feature is the team of technicians who work with students to complete a design project or fabricate a device. Turning ideas into reality depends on this combined effort of engineers and technicians.

Students regularly conduct research one-on-one with faculty members, often presenting papers at conferences or coauthoring articles for publication in professional journals.

Computer Labs

Acopian Engineering Center contains more than 170 Dell Precision Workstations in more than 18 labs and Student Learning Centers. They support the teaching, laboratory, scholarship, and research activities of the division. Installed on these workstations is the same software the students will encounter in industry and graduate work, including titles from Autodesk, Ansys, National Instruments, Mentor Graphics, Agilent, ESRI, and over 30 others.