Students in the dual degree program are required to write an essay of approximately 20 double-spaced pages.

The primary purpose of the immersion experience requirement for the International Studies degree is to facilitate the student’s proficiency in a second language and his or her understanding of another culture. In this essay, students reflect on their experience, with specific discussion related to whether or not the language skills and cultural awareness changed over the duration of the immersion. Students should provide evidence to support any growth that occurred.

The rubric by which the reflective essay will be assessed has been developed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and was approved by the advisory board for Lafayette’s Dual Degree Program. The essay will be read and assessed by the chair of the Dual Degree Program. The essay is approved if it earns a score of three or better in five of the six categories. Should the essay not meet these requirements, the student will be required to revise it using feedback provided by the chair. See rubric for details.