If you’re interested in engineering, like to explore other languages and cultures, and want to succeed in an increasingly global job market, the engineering/international studies dual degree may be a perfect fit. 

Students earn a B.S. degree in chemical, civil, electrical and computer, or mechanical engineering and an A.B. degree in international studies that combines foreign language, government, and history.

Students choose a language of concentration (from Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) and take courses that develop an in-depth cultural understanding of countries or regions where the language is spoken.  Full immersion in a foreign culture is a cornerstone of the program, with students either studying or working abroad, most often during the the spring semester of sophomore year or the summer before or after the senior year.

There are a few similar programs at other colleges, however, our program is designed to be completed in at most four years and a summer, with careful advising.

Dual Degree Requirements

  • Completion of degree requirements for B.S. degree in chemical, civil, electrical and computer, or mechanical engineering
  • Foreign language proficiency (through the advanced level)
  • An in-language internship abroad or a sufficiently immersive study abroad program
  • GOVT 102: Introduction to International Politics and IA 362: International Affairs Seminar
  • Some elective coursework in history, government, and international affairs
  • A total of 40 credits

After Graduation

Engineers with proficiency in a second (or third!) language and an understanding of foreign cultures are well prepared for engineering and technical positions overseas, or with American companies that have international branches. Students typically secure jobs or continue graduate study in their engineering field.

Joshua H. Smith
Chair, Engineering/International Studies Program
(610) 330-5938