In an increasingly interconnected global marketplace, engineers need to have mastery of more than traditional technical skills to be successful. Today’s engineers need to understand the cultures where their engineered solutions are used and sold, the societal impacts of engineering, and the business of innovation. For generations Lafayette’s engineering programs have been known for their technical rigor and connections to the liberal arts. Building on a 150-year tradition of excellence in engineering, the College has taken a bold step in engineering education with the launch of the Center for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. This new center, known as IDEAL, will be like no other and will foster collaborations among the liberal arts and engineering to support multidisciplinary learning.

My vision as director of the Engineering Division is to provide you, our students, not only with an outstanding technical education, but also with opportunities to pursue innovative collaborations with faculty and students from all disciplines at the College.

We teach our students to be more than technically skilled engineers, we teach them to be innovators and leaders. We have a culture where students look at problems from multiple perspectives. The technical elements of the degrees are critical, but so are other skills such as being able to work in and lead a cross-functional team, and having an understanding and appreciation of perspectives beyond the technical. These abilities are transferable and serve our students from their entry-level position to the CEO’s office.

The data support this vision for Lafayette’s engineering programs. According to Standard & Poor’s, Lafayette ranks in the top 10 among our peers for alumni who are top executives of companies with sales exceeding $1 million.

Lafayette students have tremendous opportunities on-and-off campus. For example, all engineering students have the opportunity to study abroad for an entire semester in our nationally recognized international programs. Many of our students collaborate with faculty on state-of-the-art research that can lead to co-authored journal articles and even more students participate in corporate sponsored internships. Whether your goal is to go on to graduate school, work for a multinational company, or even start your own venture, Lafayette’s engineering programs can help you reach your goal! If you have any questions about our programs, the new IDEAL Center, or the Lafayette community, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best,

Scott Hummel
William Jeffers Director of the Engineering Division & Professor
(610) 330-5403