Amid the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, one positive has been the recognition that “we’re all in this together.” The need for effective collaboration to address a highly complex challenge is apparent. A collaborative team can respond better to evolving challenges, is able to leverage talent by incorporating a broad range of viewpoints, uses resources more efficiently, and is more able to meet stakeholder needs. At Lafayette Engineering, promoting intellectual exchange between people of unique and varied perspectives has been central to our vision.

Lafayette’s new Integrative Engineering program is a prime example of a collaborative endeavor that fosters connections across disciplines, drawing on a top-ranked technical education while connecting more intentionally to fields across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The program provides students with the opportunity to focus in the fields of robotics, bioengineering, environment, and energy while using systems methodologies as a common language.

Recent facilities renovations reflect the goal of enhanced collaboration as well. Designed to foster a culture of community, teamwork, and diversity, the improved spaces feature natural light, casual, comfortable study areas, and a more open concept. These upgraded spaces are more inviting and inclusive and naturally bring people together to collaborate and learn.

Our efforts to promote inclusivity where all feel encouraged to learn and thrive have resulted in engineering programs consisting of 36% women and nearly 25% from underrepresented groups, and earned bronze status in the inaugural ASEE Diversity Recognition Program. Our students continue to win major national research awards and inter-collegiate competitions, such as our steel bridge team which placed first among all U.S. engineering programs two years in a row. U.S. News and World Report has consistently ranked Lafayette Engineering in the top 15 undergraduate engineering programs for the last five years.

As director of the Engineering Division I am committed to continuing this investment in our students, our engineering programs, and our vision for the future. We seek to ignite our students’ curiosity and inspire them to rise to the challenges of today’s most complex problems with ingenuity, agility, and creativity. We strive to equip them to be effective collaborators and equitable community members. Whatever your personal aspirations, Lafayette Engineering can help you achieve them.

All the best,

Scott Hummel
William Jeffers Director of the Engineering Division & Professor
(610) 330-5403