Student organizations are an important part of the community at Lafayette College.

Student organizations provide a means outside the classroom for students to discover and develop their individual skills, learn from their peers, interact and make new connections.

Engineering Student Council

ESC serves as a formal leadership structure for student organizations within the Engineering Division, with two members from ESC elected to serve on Engineering Council consisting of department heads, program chairs, and the director of engineering. This gives students a voice in the “room where it happens” and enables student representatives to provide input as critical discussions and decisions are taking place. While Lafayette Engineering’s approach to improving the community climate is multifaceted, the elevation of the student voice is a significant component, and is helping to shape everything from course topics, to co-curricular events, Admissions events, and more. Learn more.


The Best Society: Engineering Studies organization named for Charles L. Best whose Lafayette career spanned four decades and who oversaw creation of the bachelor or arts in engineering program.