The best source for answers is the ncees faq page.

Q: Why take the FE?

A: Taking the FE is the first step toward becoming a licensed Professional Engineer (PE). Of the specific reasons provided by the National Society for Professional Engineers (NSPE), the following are most relevant for Lafayette graduates: a) PE licensure is necessary for career advancement in many subfields, b) only PEs can sign and seal engineering drawings, and can be in responsible charge of a firm in private practice or serve as a fully qualified expert witness, and c) studies have shown that PEs earn higher pay throughout their business careers.

Q: Should I take the exam in My Junior or Senior year?

A: It is your choice; however, your department head can help you decide. The main factor is whether your curriculum provides the material you need for the exam by the time you sit for it.

Q: What if I already took the exam?

A: Please visit the website for information on retaking the exam.

If you have any questions please contact:
Lisa Karam
Coordinator, Engineering Division
308 Acopian Engineering Center
(610) 330-5403